30 03 2001

i’ve linked to this::::Technology Review – Invention Is a Flower, Innovation Is a Weed before. as i move .: m e m o r i a :. from idea to concept to product, i’m repeatedly drawn back to bob metcalf’s reflections.



30 03 2001

This::::American Demographics — Online America is a great article. there is alot there, but i find the following quote fascinating:

“According to Nielsen//NetRatings, 56 percent of the U.S. population, nearly 154 million people, accessed the Internet in November 2000-a 30 percent increase over the previous year.”

hmmmm…. .: m e m o r i a :.


30 03 2001

maybe it’s the look of determination is his young eyes. maybe it’s his skinny 11-year-old arms. maybe it’s the nike tee-shirt, or maybe it’s the fake sticks of dynamite taped to his belly, and the fake detonator in his small hand that makes this picture so emotional.


29 03 2001

this::::Gates opens Silicon Valley tech center – Tech News – CNET.commay play into the .: m e m o r i a :. concept.


29 03 2001

this::::BBC News | SCI/TECH | Professor plans flying power station is a story about a professor/inventor in australia who has spent over 20 years of this life trying to create a host of power generating helicopters that hover at 14,000 feet. is he crazy?…yes. i am facinated by people who are pulled toward a concept with unwavering passion. this is important. this professor is pulled…not driven; big diference.


22 03 2001

i must find a way — any way — to attend this::::Edgewise 01


22 03 2001

another piece here::::The Digital Attic: An Archive of Everything