30 05 2001



22 05 2001

alzheimer’s disease is one of the reasons i want to build
.: m e m o r i a :. read more::::here.


14 05 2001

“After his grandmother died, Jonathan Rosen’s computer crashed and he lost the journal he kept of her dying. His efforts to recover his files were the genesis of an emotional search for Rosen, which in turn led to his new book,”

this::::“THE TALMUD AND THE INTERNET” BY JONATHAN ROSEN is why i need to build .:m e m o r i a :.


11 05 2001

more of the look and feel of .:m e m o r i a:. here::::metropolis


8 05 2001

meg posts a great question about the longevity of on-line content here::::megnut 2001 – there’s a little megnut


7 05 2001

this::::nomo zilla is important to remember for anyone thinking about starting a technology company.


4 05 2001

this::::Rants and Raves: Battle of the Bulgeis the look and feel of .:m e m o r i a:.


1 05 2001

i’m back…cozumel was great. .:m e m o r i a:. is alive and kicking. i must find a way to attend this::::POP ! TECH 2001, TECH 2001, Online, Everywere, All the time – How it Will Change Our Lives