31 01 2001

i learned something here::::Sabrina Ward Harrison’s Web Site


31 01 2001

this::::The View From Ninety is beautiful.


29 01 2001

“Walk like a person. Walk uphill. Dance to the music. Get up. Stand on one leg. Kick a ball. And even talk. SDR has 24 joints in its body and “sees with its eyes and hears with its ears” just like humans do. The robots demonstrated “para-para” dance, a modernized traditional Japanese dance, now popular among young people, captivating children’s attention in Yokohama and Beijing.

sometimes i see a small piece of the jetson’s world creeping into my world. see what i am talking about here::::ROBODEX2000

also, be sure to watch the quicktime movie for the full effect.


25 01 2001

a great webzine here::::Web Techniques


25 01 2001

good link here::::The Web’s Master Builders


25 01 2001

great stuff here:::: Lies to Make a VC Groan


23 01 2001


Web designer Jeffrey Zeldman makes a crucial distinction about those who use this medium. He says there are three very separate groups with different goals and attitudes:

Viewers who would rather be watching TV. This group goes to the Web in search of eye candy and other audiovisual jolts. They use text only as directions to the next surprise.

Users who want information they can apply to their own work. They want your stats for their report, or your business plan as a model for their own. They love “hit and run” retrieval, they hate to scroll, and no one has ever built a site that they find really sticky.

Readers (a rare breed). They will actually scroll through long documents, even whole books. Or they’ll download what they find, print it out, and read it in an armchair like any other print document.

A new but growing fourth group is the listeners. Whether sight-impaired or not, they use programs that read text off the screen. As voice programs improve in quality, more people will adopt them.

Each of these groups needs a particular kind of text, and if they don’t find it on your site, they’ll move elsewhere

from here::::Effective Web Writing


23 01 2001

.:memoria:. will use the web to connect stories and memories. read a good overview of where we’ve been here::::A Fast-Changing Genie Alters the World


22 01 2001

.: memoria :. will be for the mac too::::Thinking Revolution, Talking Evolution at Apple


22 01 2001

find truth here::::U.S. News: Some gadgets aimed at simplifying life just drive us crazy (1/15/01)