Small Biz 101: No one starts with a masterpiece

29 12 2005

Great post from RyanC and his continuning series on Small Biz.

Top Ten New Year’s Reolutions for CEO’s

28 12 2005

Great post here.  Why you ask? I like the way it addresses each area of a growing company’s CEO responsibilities.  Nice!

links for 2005-12-26

25 12 2005

25 Characteristics of The Ideal Startup

21 12 2005

Sam Decker post here:

  1. Defendable and differentiated
  2. Competitive cost structure
  3. Attractive partnership opportunities
  4. Repeat customers
  5. Word of mouth opportunity
  6. Memorable product and name
  7. Potential for PR
  8. Attractive to be bought or merged
  9. Scaleable staff and systems
  10. Scaleable product — build once, sell many times
  11. Uncomplicated
  12. Focus
  13. Niche market or fragmented industry
  14. High velocity and large market / industry
  15. High perceived value
  16. Product can be accessorized – revenue synergies
  17. Healthy cash flow –> margin x velocity
  18. Demonstrable felt need, demand – does it hit a primal chord?
  19. Business can be measured for improvement
  20. Can claim leadership
  21. Sales model is scaleable and predictable
  22. Product evokes emotion
  23. Can make big wins – big customers
  24. Limited exposure to legal issues
  25. Own relationship with and information about customers

Getting it Right

20 12 2005

Ari Paparo gives a remakably candid, open, and honest overview of the mistakes his company,, made here:

So (besides the money), why did we fail and and the other Web 2.0 companies succeed?

I don’t think it was that we were “too early” or that we got killed when the bubble burst. I believe it all came down to product design, and to some very slight differences in approach.

A Guide to Starting Your Business

19 12 2005

A good, comprehensive resource here:

In an attempt to reduce the number of frustrating hours searching the web for what you need, we’ve written this article to help you with the small business paperwork, the basics of accounting, and an overview of some legal considerations. The topics aren’t sexy, but they’ll get you started in the right direction if you’re tired of working for the man and want to get out on your own

(Get Yourself a Pair of) Cheap Sunglasses

19 12 2005

Very interesting.  I’ve often wondered about this myself:

Two things are interesting about Business Pundit’s recent post on those ubiquitous, full-page, free sunglasses magazine inserts. The first is that its as rare as it is refreshing to see a smart person admit that there is something they don’t know, especially when it is in their area of expertise. The second interesting thing is the question itself. Here’s how Rob worded it:

I open up a web browser and search for free sunglasses and I find lots of sites offering them. Why? What am I missing about this business model? Some of these sites claim that they have overstock sunglasses that they would rather give away than pay to destroy. But I keep thinking that if I was a sunglass manufacturer, and year after year I was overproducing sunglasses that I had to give away for free, I would cut back on production. My best guess is that either: 1. Sunglasses really are dirt cheap to make. or 2. Once you get your free sunglasses you get a bunch of other junk mail. Does anyone see something I’m missing, or know anything about this strange business model?