Autobiographical Memory

10 01 2006

Cognitive Psychology Lecture Notes (Autobiographical Memory)

Top Ten New Year’s Reolutions for CEO’s

28 12 2005

Great post here.  Why you ask? I like the way it addresses each area of a growing company’s CEO responsibilities.  Nice!

Web 2.0…the tools (not the compition)

3 12 2005


Memor.ia and the sense of play

28 11 2005

I made a couple of quick notes in my “Moleskine Memor.ia” this morning. One of the notes went something like this: A sense of play is essential in making memor.ia a success. Imagine my surprise to find this by Doug Rushkoff in my RSS feeds.

Ten Rules for Web Startups

27 11 2005

Evan Williams, who I admire for his work with Pyra Labs (Blogger), Google, and Odeo, hits the nail on the head.

Meet Jane Geek

26 11 2005

This has strong implications for memor.ia

Snippet: ” The digital home has also come to confer on women the role of chief purchasing officer of computing and entertainment gear. They’re judging the user-friendliness of computers and wireless networks just as they would stoves and refrigerators. “Last week my 11-year-old came in and said she needed a JumpDrive to transfer digital files back and forth from school, and who buys it? My wife,” says Paul Rand, chief development and innovation officer at communications firm Ketchum.”

Ignoring Certain Infomation Helps You Remember the Improtant Stuff

26 11 2005


“A study in the Nature journal says that being able to remember objects is more to do with focusing on relevant facts than having a large memory capacity.”